Project Details

Created to take advantage of evolving consumer time poor trends – it was no longer okay for a product like water to do (only) one thing with these on-the-go, in the know consumers. The product focuses on 18-35 urban, switched-on city folk, early adopters, looking for new ways to actively look after their health and well-being. Build on the success of the US by launching vitaminwater to the UK market – delivering brand awareness and market share quickly


Mindful of the (success) insights from the US we identified our ideal segment and nuanced our strategy to connect with this cool challenging target in ways and places that would resonate. We developed a clear launch strategy, targeting independent retailers in ‘cool’ neighborhoods, where the target market influencer’s were heavily active – initially focused in London and then beyond.


We developed a UK centric brand personality and language and developed communications that would best shake up the category and resonate with the consumer. All communications focused on driving our USPs, taste, personality and functionality – positioning the brand as a ‘fresh’ alternative to regular water – and then refined further against occasion.


Advertising / POS / Shopper marketing