Project Details

Duxton Vineyards aspire to lead the way in sustainable and regenerative ‘wine making’ and ‘commerce’. Now with full SWA certification they were looking for the best way to showcase their credentials and ethos in market.

With Duxton it quickly became clear that we needed to create a brand of action – they aren’t just sustainable, they are actively working to regenerate their environment. We developed the proposition, ‘positive in nature’ – encouraging our consumer to learn about and become part of – our progressive journey… not perfect.

We created Rewild, taking positive action(s) in nature – a subtle call to arms, and more than simply stamping recyclable on the product. We aimed to capture the spirit of the Murray-Darling and evoke a sense of journey. This simple idea informed the entire brand approach — from materials and colour palette to art direction.

Brand Strategy / Product Positioning / Brand Identity / Naming / Copywriting / Brand Guidelines / Packaging Design / Creative Direction / UI/UX Design