Project Details

Our client noted an opportunity to provide a better service and experience for their client base (the bariatric customer and consumer) – a new stand-alone line extension.

We didn’t want to limit the opportunity to the existing consumer need. We explored this brand from a full lifecycle (purchasing household) and lifestyle perspective – mindful of market competition proposition i.e. health, muscle gain etc. 

We focused on the insight that food is one of the most emotional things you’ll do every day, and it shouldn’t be marginalised. This focused on – relationships with food – the positives it can bring, and the emotions it can enhance.

The RTE market is built on convenience, but differentiation is key to standing out in a cluttered market – that and the challenges in market around negativity, weight gain and FOFO. 

We focused on the emotive – the idea of finding positivity and fun that food can bring to the every day. We developed our proposition ‘Eat Fun’ – fun defining who we are. It is the essential ingredient in our food philosophy, our secret sauce – and makes it possible for us to bring positive feelings to the table. 

We developed the positioning, the name, tone, the look, and the go to market packaging for different consumer needs. And that’s just the beginning…

Brand Strategy / Product Positioning / Brand Identity / Naming / Copywriting / Packaging Design / Creative Direction / UI/UX Design