Project Details

Never Never is a multi-award-winning Aussie gin distillery established by 3 mates but in 2016 whisky was on the cards, and so they bought six casks from local producers and set them down to age. 

Fast forward 5 years and a thriving gin business… and the whisky was still in casks, but it was time it wasn’t. The guys decided to blend the whisky as a limited edition – an unlikely to be released again product. Never Never is and always will be a gin distillery.

Our challenge was to create a limited-edition brand that didn’t suggest a switch from a (gin) core,
but did celebrate the Never Never journey, ethos and the people and places that have helped make the brand what it is today.

We were also mindful that Never Never doesn’t have the whisky credentials of others and so we needed to give it both a reason for being, and make it ownable to Never Never.

We developed naming and designs that defied traditional expectation. We focused on several key motivators and attitudes, including playfulness, imagination, and a dash of adventure – doing it the Never Never way – whilst still celebrating what’s important and what got them there.

We settled on Banded. Banded is a whisky whose components were created by others but banded together by Never Never. It’s a story of mates, neighbours and six simple casks that shared the
same history up until this very point.

Product Positioning / Brand Identity / Naming / Copywriting / Packaging Design / Creative Direction