Project Details

Mobius is a boutique distillery located in Marrickville, Sydney and exists to inspire mad conversations. Mobius wanted to create a modern and dynamic brand identity and packaging system to launch their first consumer facing product. A versatile liqueur that adds something to everything.


We recognised a resurgence in the popularity of liqueurs but found they are often pigeonholed. Inspired by Mobius’s positioning and this insight, we imagined a brand platform that views every drink, conversation, interaction as an experience – only limited by imagination, with these liqueurs becoming the enabler – ‘more than just a liqueur’.


Inspired by the novel ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau’ the new identity reflects the combination of ‘elements’ to create a hybrid, inspiring experimentation. The brand features a sophisticated sans serif font with an ultra-organic aesthetic word mark, contrasted with a bold graphic that represents watching the setting sun which helps suggest the coming evening and a new beginning.


Strategy / Naming / Branding / Packaging / Art Direction