Project Details

McWilliam’s is one of Australia’s oldest wine families, with a proud and rich history dating back to 1877. McWilliam’s is on a journey to redefine their brands positioning in the market. There’s a need to ‘enhance’ the premium McWilliam’s products to better reflect the changing times and their position as a leader in the New South Wales region.

With over 140 years of winemaking experience, the wines McWilliam’s make are more than just award-winning, they invoke a sense of innovation and evolution, which led us to the brand idea ‘Discover a greater expression for life with McWilliam’s’.

Traditional printing techniques are rich in craft. They communicate quality and skill which reflects the qualities of McWilliam’s wines. A balance of modern materials and a clean layout of information creates the right image for the McWilliam’s signature range of wines.

Brand Positioning / Brand Guidelines / Creative Direction / Packaging Design / Copywriting