Project Details

McWilliam’s McW range is a contemporary collection of wines that are crafted to reflect the changing tastes of the modern palate. Feedback from customers and consumers was that McW’s modern and premium positioning was well received through the McW 660 design but McW 480 wasn’t gaining the same level of cut-through or appeal.


We needed to reposition McW 480 with a refined design that aligns the McW ranges, takes advantage of our learnings and provides a clearer link to McW 660, adding more of a premium, cut-through, experience whilst mindful of the price-point and consumer. We also proposed a staged development for the brand.


To aid brand and portfolio recognition we aligned the look and feel through typography, colour, print finish and stock. We’ve also applied a new ‘Estate’ descriptor to the product to provide a clearer definition between the McW 480 and the McW 660 ‘Reserve’ – a reason and opportunity to upgrade. Lastly, we introduced two new variants to the portfolio.


Packaging / Art Direction