Project Details

Cape Mentelle is one of the Margaret River originals. They produce some of the world’s best wines from a unique coastal location and some of the oldest soils on the planet. 

Cape Mentelle has true Aussie spirit; with a history of innovation and doing things a bit differently – working with the land and the environment, in a search of greatness. 2020 marked their 50th anniversary and they were keen to use it as a springboard to reignite passion for their brand and wine around the world.

We dug through the brand’s 50 years – exploring slides, albums, interviewing past winemakers, viticulturalists, cellar door and more. Cape Mentelle was born from a lifestyle and a give it a go mentality, not pretentiousness. The brand had a huge following but has lost touch with their positioning and their consumer – in particular the youth.

We wanted to find a way to make Cape Mentelle famous again. Bringing back the unique personality of Cape Mentelle to the customer and consumer.

We took lead from Cape’s essence, and the knowledge that it’s okay to be and do things a bit differently. We celebrated the past, present, and future – using tech to help enhance the experience – whilst bringing the playfulness of the brand to the fore.

Cape’s wines, like life, are playfully good and always evolving, which helped us define an opportunity around the idea of ‘live the search’. We developed a full experience and refreshed visual identity to not only promote and deliver an event but also to help define how the brand communicated ongoing – alongside a partnership with Aquabumps.