Project Details

Ben from Ben’s Canteen wanted to create a standout and standalone brand design for Bloody Bens (sauces, condiments and mixers). Ben’s purpose is to bring a better quality of product to market, allowing more consistent, enjoyable experiences, more often. He wants to shake up the category (pun intended…), because life’s too short for average.


Over the last few decades there have been numerous organic, craft, artisan product trends and claims, to the point where it’s almost expected. But Bloody Bens isn’t just about claims, the products are designed to not only be of better quality and flavour but also to be experimented with, truly reflecting what inspires Ben.


We defined the positioning around a tongue-in-cheek, well crafted, posh(ish) space, creating a brand that focused on our segments’ aspirational and emotional need, something they could make their own, not just another sauce. We developed a premium brand identity and visual platform, defining connection communication opportunities, from which to launch our ‘anything but ordinary’ brand purpose.


Advertising / Branding / Packaging