Project Details

Following the success of Bloody Bens Bloody Mary mix an opportunity presented itself to extend the brand into the spirits space, starting with a Gin (sold through Ben’s Canteen and other relationships built to date).


We (re)explored the target market, the spirits category, the bar scene and beyond. We then went back to the BB roots, looking at the inspiration behind it  – Ben’s ‘Mallorcan dreaming and London living’. This helped define how the Bloody Bens brand could live in the world of spirits, ensuring an engaging brand design.

The target matched. The values, tone and attitude made sense. And the opportunity proved an evolution of the existing brand space for the category.


We created a refined positioning, built true to the Bloody Bens brand ‘anything but ordinary’ ethos, evolved for the spirits world – experimentation, flavour and, ultimately, ‘escapism’.

The design itself was created to stand out in the cluttered spirits and Gin category, both on and off premise, evoking conversation and engagement.


Packaging, Art Direction & Photography